We make our own yogurt, free of added anything. This yogurt makes use of a probiotic bacteria called lactobacillus reuteri. You can research Dr. Davis and look on Amazon or iHerb for more details. I contacted the BioGaia company in Sweden about the product and they deny that the product will produce a probiotic yogurt and they do not endorse using it to make yogurt. Having said that, we think the yogurt is amazing: thick, creamy, and very tasty. I don’t know the macros or bacteria count of the finished yogurt.

Step one is to gather everything you need and make sure it is spotlessly clean. This is a cardinal rule for making yogurt.

2L of 18% cream.

A few tablespoons of starter yogurt (set aside from your last batch).

2 tbsp inulin powder.

1 crushed probiotic tablet.

Slowly heat the cream in a pot to 180°F. Let it cool naturally to 115-118°F. (Must be below 118°!).

Whisk the crushed tablet with the inulin powder. Once cooled, put about a cup of liquid in a small, clean, bowl. Slowly mix the powder into the liquid. Whisk. Whisk. Whisk. Add the starter and whisk some more. Combine both liquids and whisk.

Load some water heated to 120°F into the Instant Pot to about 2 inches deep. Water from the tap is ok.

Ladel cooled cream into pre heated jars (so you don’t break the protein bond forming in the cooled cream) to about ½” from the top. Place into the Instant Pot. Continue until your jars are all in the instant pot. Have the water bath sitting about the same level as the cream in the jars.

Put the lid on the instant Pot, no silicone ring, close and push the relief valve. Push the tougher button and set the timer for 36:00 hours. Wait for it to complete.

Remove the Instant Pot lid carefully—don’t tip! Keep water out of the yogurt. Remove the jars, cool on counter for 1 hour and cap then refrigerate.

Enjoy daily!

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