Sausages and Eggs

Sausages and egg breakfast
"We have a great cast iron frying pan. It never sees soap of any kind."

I have two staple breakfasts; bacon and eggs, and sausages and eggs. Free range eggs (not free run). I usually have two eggs, but depending on how the day is going I might only have one. I used to think that sunny side up (I call it runny side up in restaurants …heh heh heh) was the way to go because that left a nice liquid yolk for dipping. but, not everyone likes sunny side up and would rather see their eyes were ‘closed’, so I’ve learned to cook them over easy.

We have a great cast iron frying pan. It never sees soap of any kind. I use a low setting on the stove, about 2-3. I let a couple tablespoons (the level kind…) of bacon grease get hot in the pan. I warm the sausages to room temperature, separate them, and dry them off before adding them one at a time, rolling them in the hot grease. I use tongs to turn them 4 times. I rotate the pan 180 degrees each time I turn the sausages. While the sausages are cooking I grease the two stainless steel rings for the eggs. I grease the flipper, too.

After removing the cooked sausages from the pan, I let the stainless steel rings sit in the pan and heat up before cracking an egg into them. We have two very thin and flexible pie flippers (from Lee Valley Tools). I like the wider one and use it to separate the egg from the ring. With the rings out of the way I carefully slide the flipper under each egg and flip into the hot bacon grease. for 10-20 seconds only (just enough to close the eyes). Then out of the pan and onto the plate. I liberally sprinkle the eggs with salt and I’m set. another break fast at noon.

How good are they? A young friend a while ago, a vegetarian friend mind you, said, “Can I have another sausage? These are the best sausages I’ve ever had!” Kudos here to Nesvogs Meats for the house-made meats. You folks rock!

I rinse the hot frying pan under hot water, brush all the bits away. After a quick dry with the dishcloth, the pan gets a thin coating of bacon grease to preserve the [almost] non-stick quality.

What’s your favourite breakfast to make?

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