Leftover Chicken, Red Pepper, Onions and Cabbage

"Onions (sulphur) can bind with digested glyphosate, protecting the body"

Left over chicken, red pepper and onions sautéed in ghee. Salt. A while back I read a research paper that got me thinking that glyphosate was so widespread that it is probably everywhere on the planet (Alonso, L. L., et al. 2018; Lupia, L. et al. 2019). Including the rain. The article explained that if grass is watered with glyphosate-ridden rain, then whatever eats the grass is concentrating glyphosate. Now if a human eats the animal that eats the grass that’s watered by the rain… well, you get the picture. Onions (sulphur) can bind with digested glyphosate, protecting the body (Carnahan, J. 2019). So I’ve read…

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