Change Out that Wall Plug

"Some electrical boxes are very cramped with excess wiring."

Apple and other companies have decided to no longer ship a new charging block with new cell phones. I have lots of charging blocks, but I wanted to convert one or more electrical plugs to built-in USB connections (like those at airports [remember airports?]). This wall plug is in the kitchen next to the coffee bar; handy. It was a pretty straightforward job. Some electrical boxes are very cramped with excess wiring. But that’s usually easy to remedy by making things a bit tidier inside the box.

I don’t provide instructions for doing this job. There are lots of websites that can help with that. You’ll find, too, all the cautions that go along with making changes to an outlet. I just wanted to show that it can be done. You can do this! 

more instructions —> 

Have you ever done something with your home wiring?

[this is an abbreviated blog post]

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