Barbecued Chicken Thighs

"The chicken isn’t marinated or seasoned before barbecuing"

Our barbecue in Parksville was massive. I learned that using the burners on one side and putting the chicken on the other (with no burner) produced a moist, crispy-skinned chicken. It slowed the cooking down, but the chicken never burned. That barbecue had a rotisserie, too. I’m sure that helped. Using the same idea for this tabletop barbecue I cooked up some chicken thighs. We bought a cast iron grate for the barbecue.

The cast iron grate has been seasoned a few times. Clean up is fairly easy, but it’s not as easy as I’d like to to be. Making it easier is for a later video. I grease the cast iron with bacon grease. Heating up the cast iron initially, I turned the right side burner off just before adding the chicken thighs.

The chicken isn’t marinated or seasoned before barbecuing. Chicken and the fat that comes with it has tremendous flavours when barbecued. There is no direct heat under the chicken. This help to preserve the moisture in the meat.

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