Author: misterhunt

August 5, 2021
I’m not doing the woodwork install on this renovation, but I’m up for everything else
July 30, 2021
The chicken isn’t marinated or seasoned before barbecuing
July 25, 2021
Onions (sulphur) can bind with digested glyphosate, protecting the body
July 20, 2021
Now the fun part; getting the steak on the barbecue and sizzling each side for two to three minutes
July 15, 2021
Sugar is a carbohydrate. It is 50% glucose and 50% fructose.
July 10, 2021
If figuring out your low carb diet is getting complicated, read this sheet.
July 5, 2021
A thick cut is essential for a good job of reverse searing.
June 30, 2021
There is no need to add extra fats and oils in a ketogenic diet
June 25, 2021
I’m always looking for another great cracker idea
June 20, 2021
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