2021 Pete’s Meat Beef Jerky

Strong Bones need protein
"When I started buying jerky, I'd buy a couple of strips at a time"

We were so fortunate to find Pete’s Meat on 12th and Arbutus when we lived in Vancouver. Grass fed and finished, ethically raised beef cattle. But this story is about the jerky. When I started keto, my food crutch if I got hungry or got the munchies was something fatty like hard cheese. I wasn’t eating too much jerky at that time. It was pretty good snack. When I started buying jerky, I’d buy a couple of strips at a time. Once I had it figured out that I needed to eat more protein, not more fat, I started buying a 10 or 12 pieces at a time. One day there was almost no jerky and I watched Pete go into the cooler and bring out a kilogram pack of jerky. Well, that was it, wasn’t it? I started buying jerky by the kilo. I developed a way of cutting the jerky across the grain. I made strips about ¼” wide. Some of the jerky would stay out in a small cup and the rest went into a bag that was put into the freezer. I get three kilos at a time, cut and bag one kilo at a time and the rest go in the fridge. Since we moved back to the Island I’ve been cutting and weighing the jerky. 75g per bag. That lasts about 1-2 days. Eating beef jerky helps me cut down on the added fat in my diet.

Do you eat jerky?
Where do you get yours?

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